The A, B & C’s of Fire Extinguishers

A portable fire extinguisher in the home can save lives and property by putting out a small fire or containing it until the fire department arrives. Fire can spread rapidly, however, so the first thing to do is get all occupants to safety and call for help. Often, the first reaction to seeing a fire […]

Keeping Your Trees Healthy

It is easy to take trees for granted, but trees have monetary value, as well as intrinsic value in keeping yards, communities and the planet cooler and more beautiful. According to the Council of Tree Landscape Appraisers, a sound, mature tree can add from $1,000 to $10,000 to the value of a home. In addition, […]

Exterior Paint Removal

Why not just paint over old, cracked and peeling paint? It sounds like a quick and easy fix, but sadly, it doesn’t work. The new Paint will soon resemble the old, cracking and peeling in many of the same places. Removing cracked, chipped and peeling paint is the best way to ensure that an exterior […]

Composting Done Simply

Composting may sound complicated, but it can actually be as simple as two plastic garbage cans. What exactly is composting? It is a process of creating organic material by combining waste (such as yard trimming and food waste), adding bulking agents such as woop chips to accelerate the breakdown of the organic material, and, once […]

Roof Inspection May Head Off Expenses

Just when you thought it was safe, you discover even your roof has enemies. They come unarmed, but the sun, wind, and rain, among others, can inflict costly damage to a roof nonetheless. That’s where your local Louisville Home Inspector can save the day. The heat and ultraviolet rays of the sun can degrade roofing […]

Tackling the To-do List

As a Louisville Home Inspector I am often asked, should I hire a handyman or should I hire a contractor. The decision often comes down to the size and scope of the job and the time frame being considered. A handyman may be the right service provider to call when repair or installation issues are […]

Holiday Fire Safety

“It’s the most wonderful time, of the year”! That’s a whole lot of pressure not to “blow it”, each year. If you are a parent then you know exactly what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is wonderful. But, it is also a very tall order. We are trying to create those incredible “Red […]

How to Inspect Your Fireplace

The weather outside is frightful, but don’t start a fire in your fireplace until you have given it a thorough visual inspection. Louisville home inspector, James McFadden along side of “The World’s Cutest” home inspector, Marissa will take you through the basics of inspecting your fireplace. This should be done periodically during the season of […]